1. Steve Buscemi's Dreamy Eyes
    Stockholm, Sweden
  2. Melby
    Stockholm, Sweden
  3. Chez Ali
    Stockholm, Sweden
  4. Delsbo Beach Club
    Stockholm, Sweden
  5. Cat Princess
    Uppsala, Sweden
  6. Julia Rakel
    Malmö, Sweden
  7. Kluster
    Malmö, Sweden
  8. New Feelings
    Stockholm, Sweden


Rama Lama Records Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm-based label and party committee established in 2016.

Follow us on Spotify: bit.ly/ramalamarecords

Upcoming events:
26/3 Obaren, Sthlm
27/3 Scala, Sthlm
13/4 Nalen, Sthlm
11/5 HPKSM, Gbg
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